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Meet the cats

Here you can see the cats who are looking for sponsors.They live with  Brigid and Niki, two of the Welfare officers and become much loved members of their households.All are neutered

Josie Lilac Point Siamese
Josie came in for rehoming as she was biting.After 2 weeks she stopped biting us but everyone who came to see her for adoption was bitten quite badly so after this happened 4 times we gave up trying to find her a home.She is now indoors with Brigid-she can be a rather unpleasant bossy boots with the other cats,hates the newest resident Lulu and hasn't stopped biting

altBen Blue Point
Ben was handed into Jean because the Cats Protection thought he was a Siamese – previously owned by a girl who put him out of the house because he was dirty(spraying)albeit she did not realise he was a full male ( however the CP fixed that the day he came into care) and was very uptight and cross at first – did not like humans and it took Jean and her husband about 3 months before he could be handled – all sorts of medication was tried to no avail until Jean found some calming drops that worked and he enjoyed being cuddled and stroked, so it was decided he could be rehomed – people came to visit but he was having none of it and reverted to his original state while they were there.Since Jean's death Ben now lives with Niki

altZak Foreign White
Zak's owner acquired him unneutered from another breeder in Essex. He was left outside and used to mate the owners Siamese Queens, then the owner lost his home and left with his Siamese Queen but left Zak to fend for himself running wild. We were alerted by the neighbour who managed to get him into the empty house and feed him We managed to trap him and brought him to Jean.He was by then feral, still entire and riddled with tapeworms. With much patience,Jean managed to get him to the vet to be neutered, vaccinated, and wormed and this treatment was paid by the Foreign White Cat Society.  He was however still feral and could not be handled so the Trust pays for his food and housing with the help of his adopt-a-Cat sponsors.  As he didn't even have the dignity of a name Jean called him Zak.Over the years Jean continued to work on him but he still needed to be trapped if he needed vet treatment.Eventually Jean was able to fuss him if he was under a blanket but she always hoped he would improve further so we could find him a home. When Jean became ill, Niki was able to coax him into a carrier and take him home.As she had a cat house which runs off her kitchen with a window into the house Zak took up residence there.He is being socialised and with assistance from Loki (see his story soon in adopt-a-cat) is settling into Niki’s home.He does run free in the house at times, but being social with other cats and people panics him so he will need to remain on Adopt-a-cat under Niki’s care. The good news is that he now enjoys cuddles on his terms, and has stopped hiding under blankets -we think Jean is smiling down on him.


Lulu  Chocolate Point Siamese
Lulu was rehomed but the original owner forgot to tell the new one that she had an accident which had resulted in a paralysed tail and some bladder problems which they found very difficult to live with so she came to us. She eventually had most of her dead tail amputated and having that done completely cured her problems.She can be a bit of a bully with the other girls .She lives in Bromley with Brigid


altLarry Lilac Point Siamese
Larry is a very cuddly Lilac Point Male Neuter who loves to play and have a fuss. Unfortunately, he was bullied by his sister since they were kittens and she liked nothing better than launching attacks on him, especially when he went to the litter tray. This resulted in him being frightened to enter a litter tray and he got into the habit of toileting on soft furnishings and beds. His owners loved him dearly and tried for 10 years to find a solution using various experts to advise them, but nothing worked. They contacted the Trust and sadly signed him over to us. Niki has worked on him but breaking 10 years of habits and aversions to litter trays has not been easy.By letting him have his private space in a cat house and gradually introducing a litter tray filled with Puppy Pads, and gradually introducing fine sand-like litter we have achieved him using a litter-only tray 80% of the time. Unfortunately he still has phases of using his bed so Niki will continue to work on him. He is a perfect cat apart from this issue so we hope he will improve so we can find a perfect understanding indoor home for him eventually. (A free outdoor home would be no good as he may enter other people's houses and meet strange cats). Meanwhile he has been added to the adopt-a-cat scheme and lives with Niki. 4/2019


 Mai Seal Point Siamese            
Mai came in a year ago with Tritrichomonas Foetus,a parasite that causes dripping diarrhoea.The infection was cleared up quickly but she was left with chronic diarrhoea and it has taken the year to get her well enough to live indoors again. She is living with Brigid  3/14



Loki Oriental Black
Loki was part of a rescue where the cats were left in their home by their owner when they moved out. All the cats left had various old injuries. All of the cats have been successfully homed to loving understanding owners, however Loki had a broken eye socket which changed his eye depth and his tear draining system was damaged. He was also found to be over trusting and appears to have a degree of brain damage.  He does not read body language so everyone is his best friend This makes him a very loving boy but he is also vulnerable and does not learn from experience like other cats; He is healthy now, but is staying at Niki's to keep him in a safe environment.He has proved to be very helpful when getting nervous cats to accept human contact. He takes no notice of hissing and growling and just wants to make friends, leading by example under supervision demonstrating that Niki fussing him is enjoyable. This speeds up the process of getting the scared cats to a point when they can trust Niki so helping start their recovery process.  07/12/17


Annie Seal Point Siamese
Annie was found by the RSCPA she was used on a kitten farm as a breeding Queen and was caged. She was part of a rescue and seizure. As a result of her treatment on the farm she was terrified of people. The RSPCA tried to find a suitable home but it did not work out. She came back to their holding centre and they turned to SCCWT as experts in Siamese to help her as they classed her as unhomeable because she had learnt to defend herself by biting humans.She has taken a great deal of work to get to a stage where she is relaxed in a house. Loki has helped in getting her able to see humans as friends. She is now living on her own terms in Niki’s house as Loki’s special girl   7/12/17

For that special occasion gift  why not give a years sponsorship of one of our cats?Just let Niki know the details when you send in your application