As most of our cats are elderly when they move in with us,their stay is never long enough and this page is for the ones who have left us much too soon.


 FIZZY- Red Point Female                                            
was put to sleep on 30th December 2003 aged 13 years.She had become very quiet and just seemed to lose the will to stay.She had become good friends with Emma and Hector and will be much missed by Jean

 Vicki-Seal Point Female          
Sadly Vicki had to be put to sleep to save her further suffering. She had chronic rhineitis when she came into care, which was so severe she was unhomeable.Various human and animal antibiotics were prescribed which worked for a while and then stopped.Her quality of life became almost non-existent. We thank all those Adopters who supported her. She is sadly missed by Brigid who spent so much time with her.

 MR.WOO-Blue Point Male         

Was put to sleep on November 21st 2001. He was 17 years old, and his kidneys had been getting worse for some time, and over the last week he deteriorated very quickly.  Although still eating well, he was exhausted. He was still willing to go on, but sadly his body wasn't. He was a dear old gentleman and will be greatly missed. Many thanks to the kind people who sponsored him.

 LOKEY-Blue Point Female           

Despite veterinary treatment and hospitalisation she failed to respond and maybe felt it was her time to leave us (July 2001).

Missed by her new friend Lulu and the rest of Jean's girls.

 JENNY -Red Point Female            

Succumbed to renal failure, gently put to sleep December 2000.Greatly missed by her son Boysie and Jean.

 BILLY - Lilac Point Male                    

Also, had renal failure and was gently put to sleep December 2000.Sadly missed by Brigid and his elderly companions.

 MOLLY - Lilac Tabby Point Female       

Succumbed to renal failure, gently put to sleep December 2000.She originally came in with Mac who you can read about further down this page.Much missed by her foster mum Brigid

 POPPY - Blue Point Female                  
Poppy was put to sleep on the 15.01.03.She was about 17 years old and came to us in 2001.Her owners had asked for our help in rehoming her,couldn't wait until we found a suitable new owner and took her to their vet to be put to sleep.She was collected from there and came to live with Brigid.She was a very gentle old lady and, like all our past old people, will be greatly missed.

 LULU -Seal Point female                      

Lulu came to us in July 2000.We had a home for her but following a routine dental she had a heart attack and then a stroke,so stayed happily living at Jeans.She was off colour last week,stayed at the vets for 2 days and came home Saturday,still not quite right.She suffered a further stroke and renal failure and was put to sleep on Sunday April 13th 2003.She lived with Jean for 3 years as part of the family and is very much missed-not only by Jean but by the other Siamese too.

TEDDY-Seal Point male                       

It is with much sadness I have to tell all his sponsors that Teddy died Sunday 11th January 2004.I went out to feed him and found he had died in his sleep - I can only think he had a heart attack - his companions are obviously just as upset as I am. He had been so fit and well - eating anything and everything - biscuits being his favourite. We buried him yesterday under one of the trees in the garden.
Teddy came to us in 1997 - half Siamese - un-neutered and full of lice - and, following testing, found to have feline aids.A very happy and lovable boy - never a days illness - only had some teeth removed a few years ago.In the last few years we had introduced him to other unhomeable cats as company and he was so gentle with all the newcomers.His favourite was Hector - and I think Hector is now just realising his old pal is no longer there. His house has always been called'Teddy's House' and, despite him no longer being with us,it will always been called this
 MORRIS-Blue point male                   

Morris was very easy going and never argued with the other cats or dog in Brigid's household.He had kidney problems for sometime and, lately, had developed symptoms of growths in several places.He also had arthritis,along with a very poor appetite and weight loss.His age was unknown but we gave him an arbitary age of 15 years when he was left outside a veterinary surgery at Christmas 3 years ago although he could have been older.
Making the right decision for our old cats never gets any easier, however many times we have to do it and as with all our past cats Morris will be much missed.     19/03/04

 SAMMY-Chocolate point male             

Another of our old gentleman gone.Sammy came to Brigid aged 15 years when his owner went into a home.He had an intestinal growth for some months and then got a badly ulcerated mouth,stopped eating and became very poorly.We went to the vets yesterday and he was put on a drip but after a lot of thought I decided this was not fair and as there was no improvement today my mind was made up.He was 19 and spent a lot of time sitting on my knee at the computer banging the keyboard.He lived in my office out of choice which is where he honed his typing skills.Writing my e mails will never be quite the same. 08/05/04

 BOYSIE-Cream point male                                                                    

It is with great sadness I have to tell you that Boysie has been put to sleep.He was just over 13 years old and had been part of Jean's family for 5 years.In the last month he had trouble with one nostril and the upper fang was removed.This didn't solve the problem and he bec ame lethargic and disorientated so on July 29th was taken for x ray which showed a large mass/tumour in his upper jaw.I had no choice but to let him go.
The girls are still looking for him and so am I-such a character and such a baby.
Sleep tight Boysie-we all loved you to bits and are devastated at your loss. 29/07/04

 PARNEY-Chocolate Tortie female        

It is with much sadness I have to tell you we have lost Parney. She came into care via the Cats Protection League in April 2003 – so emaciated all her bones were showing Apparently she had been abandoned on a Nature Reserve in Harlow, Essex, I understand it was called Parnham – this is why we called her Parney.She was very timid and weak when she arrived – but once she put on the weight she had lost – we realised she was ‘feral’. She was unneutered – and we desperately needed to get this done – she was always in season – it took some 5 months before we were able to sedate her for her op which included a full health check and dental etc. apart from spaying her. After her operation we integrated her gradually with the other unhomeables and she settled in beautifully. She was not a spiteful or nasty cat – just was terrified of humans – yes she flattened her ears when approached – but that was all and the occasional hiss. Always out playing in the run or cuddled up with her friends, Rio, Rosco, Emma and Hector – always had her own special bowl of fish at night.
This morning – as usual I took out breakfast and Parney was standing in a pool of fresh blood – after trapping her – which seemed to take an age – she was rushed to our vets – when sedated they discovered she had mammary tumours – one of which had ulcerated.  After much deliberation my vet and I felt it better for her to be put to sleep whilst still sedated. Major indepth surgery would have been necessary – which was not a problem but her aftercare would have proved impossible for us to deal with and for her to cope with.
We have no idea how old she was – maybe around 10 or even older. Despite her hating humans we loved her and will miss her not being with us – it will take some time at food time not to prepare her special dinner.Her companions are very quiet now – looking for her and wondering where she has gone – at the moment they are all curled up together wondering what has happened to her and why she is not in the heap with them.
Thank you for supporting her and being part of her family – at least I suppose I can draw some comfort from the fact that in the 2 years she was with us she was well fed and loved, and happy in her own world with feline friends and enjoyed these 2 short years.  
Jean 10/05/05

 MAC-Lilac Tabby point male               

Mac came to us in October 1997,an entire male,positive for FIV,age unknown,along with Molly(see further up the page for Molly)He stayed with Brigid for 5 years as no one wanted to take him on.Then in 2002 he found a home with another FIV positive cat and moved in and was happy there until the following year when his companion died and he was on his own much of the time and his owner felt it was unkind to keep him.
It didn't take long this time to find him a new home and he went to live with Julia who had other FIV positive cats and he was allowed out into the garden but never went far.He had FIV for at least 8 years maybe longer but eventually died from heart disease.He was a lovely cat and we hope he had as happy a life as possible under the circumstances.He certainly did with Julia and I know he will be much missed by her,Bella her other Siamese and by Brigid who looked after him for so long.08/05

   BELLA-Lilac point female                  

Bella was a delightful little cat and I feel honoured to have had her for the short time I did. She was often ill in her short life, but enjoyed herself in her own special way, either snuggling up with the other cats or joining me for a snooze. She loved to be close to me, sitting by my side and asking for attention! She was particularly close to Mac, another lovely SCCWT cat who sadly died last year(see Mac above), and was very upset when he left us. Bella was very small and pretty, so her loud voice came as a bit of a surprise when she'd let me know it was time for tea or just to get my attention. She enjoyed the occasional stroll around the garden to take in the fresh air and flowers. She will be missed especially by my 'moggie' Dudley who took a bit of a shine to her - sadly not reciprocated by Bella, although she would tolerate him at times as he crept as close as he dared.
Bella was very much a 'one-off' amongst cats, and is sadly missed by us all
Julia-Bella's owner  4/06(Bella was also FIV positive)

 CHLOE-Chocolate point female           

Chloe was an honorary 'adoptacat' as she wasn't with us long enough to be a sponsored cat.A bright and happy girl she was here for only 5 months as she had mammary tumours.

 HECTOR-Tabby Point male                  

In the last few months we have noticed his slowing down – but on the 2nd April he no longer wanted any food and really did not want much fuss made of him. Overnight he had lost the sight in one eye – and on this day he preferred just to cuddle up with Emma. Sadly but for his quality of life I took him to be put to sleep.

Hector was one of our ‘special boys’ – he had lived with Teddy who we lost some two years ago and they were inseparable and we introduced Emma who he adored and then Parney (who we lost last year) and also Rio and Rosco – he had not an ounce of malice in him and accepted all his new friends like long lost siblings.

Hector came to us when he was 15 with his brother Jasper – who on arrival was seriously ill and had to be put to sleep – their owner had been sent to prison. We were asked to take them both into care – we offered to pay the wife for their food and veterinary care – but she did not want this – so Hector spent his final years with us. He loved having his harness on and walking round the garden – chasing my moggie when spotted. Loved visiting the other cats in care and really was a joy to care for.

On behalf of Hector – may I thank you for being part of his family and supporting him over the years.If there is a heaven – hopefully he will meet up with Teddy whom he loved to bits.

Jean  10/04/06

  EMMA-Seal point female                    

Emma had been under the vets for several months but despite various tests and antibiotics it seemed we could not get to the bottom of her problems – despite eating like a horse – she rapidly lost weight and from time to time had breathing problems. Despite these problems she was a happy girl and when the sun shone she was out sunbathing. However on the Thursday – food no longer interested her – and she somehow seemed to lose the will to live – came Good Friday and she became very weak and caring for her for so long I knew the time had come to say goodbye. Her passing was very peaceful and her heart strong.
Jean  14/04/06

  ARTHUR-Red point male
It is with much sadness I have to tell those of you who were part of his family and helped to support him we reluctantly had to have him put to sleep.He had recently been quiet and began shaking his head – so off to the vets he went.They diagnosed a polyp in his ear and he was given medication, which hopefully would reduce the polyp. However, towards the end of his treatment he became very lethargic – only sleeping on his chair and not wowling like he normally did when food time arrived. On the Friday he picked at his breakfast, and did not eat much supper. Saturday came and again lack of interest in his food or anything. So on the Sunday morning I took him down to the vets – and we both felt he had given up.The vet felt perhaps the polyp was more sinister and was going into his jaw bone as he had begun to dribble. After lots of fuss – not that Arthur seemed to know us – he was gently put to sleep. Unfortunately we were never able to find a home for Arthur as he did have bad habits which we learned to live with because he was Arthur – and we loved him – a gentle boy with no hang-ups.
Thank you for being part of his family and for your support for his care whilst with us.
Jean 28/05/06
  THENE-Lilac Point female
Thene was a thoroughly nice cat-quiet and friendly with everyone and a pleasure to look after.Although she had been losing weight for some time she only became ill in her last 2 weeks with kidney failure and was put to sleep on 10/11.Her previous owner had recently contacted us to say that Thene's sister,who she kept when she gave Thene to us,had died recently so the sisters died within a couple of weeks of each other.
Brigid 15/11/06
   RUPERT-Red Point male
Rupert always had poor sight and he went blind after his blood pressure went up due to thyroid problems.He didn't cope with it well and became very withdrawn,hardly moving from his bed.When all the house cats got a mild infection ,it seemed to hit Rupert particularly badly and he never really recovered from it.A much loved boy.
Brigid 21/04/07
  THEO-Seal Point male
Theo was old when he came to us with lots of untreated health problems.We hope he enjoyed the last part of his life as much as we enjoyed having him,though the stair carpet will never recover from being used as his first choice of litter tray!
Brigid 21/04/07
  LILY-Chocolate Tortie Point female
Lily was left outside a vets surgery.She had extreme skin allergy problems that took over a year to sort out.As the treatment was mainly steroids it eventually caused kidney problems which were not treatable.A lovely very bossy girl who died on Christmas Eve 2007
Brigid 16/07/08
  CHARLOTTE and MONTY -Seal Point male and female
15 yrs. Plus. Charlotte was put to sleep 19th June 2008. For those of you who adopted her, you may remember she had problems with her back legs, despite which she managed to get around, use her tray and sun herself. In the last few days she hardly touched her food – and last evening ate nothing – just curled up in her hoodie. I decided to get her checked at the vets and it was discovered she had gone blind literally overnight and had hypertension causing a massive headache – She could have been admitted to the hospital for blood pressure tests etc. but felt being in a strange place now minus her sight would have been far too stressful.Despite her disability she had the sweetest nature, always delighted to see you, pushing her face in yours and rolling around, always with her nose stuck into her new dish of food. Shall miss her lots – prior to her coming into care I had boarded her and Monty since they were 6 yrs.old.
Monty-April 2008 In latter years Monty had a constipation problem which we seemed to be able to handle – however – he was admitted to the Vets for 24 hrs and they seemed to have resolved the problem. However, 2 days later – he neither ate nor drank so he was readmitted – when it was found his kidneys had failed and we had no choice but to have him gently put to sleep. He was such a gentle boy – loved sunning himself and eyeing his neighbours and the night visitors. Jean 19/06/08
  SHEBA-Chocolate Point female
15yrs. plus– gently put to sleep in May 2008 with a mammary tumour. Sadly because of her previous life she was unhandleable and humans were her enemies.Under normal circumstances I would have opted to have her operated on but the aftercare necessary would not have been possible.Despite hating humans she enjoyed her life with us – approx. 20 months – eating well and sunning herself – and in the evenings out in her run looking at all the wildlife. My only regret is she unlike the other unhomeables was unable to have the usual fuss.
Jean 19/06/08
  SAMMIE-Blue Point female
Sadly I have to tell you we lost Sammie in February of this year – she was 15 years of age and I am grateful that her last years were with us in house and she was safe and well cared for. For those of you who adopted her – she was originally taken to a vets in Bedfordshire to be put to sleep and fortunately Elizabeth Wildon came to the rescue and we were able to take her into care. She had terrible bowel problems and following various drugs my vet came up with a weird cocktail of antibiotics since when she never looked back and came into the house to live with us. Over the years she has lost many of her friends, Angel (my cat), Boysie another rescue in house and lastly Max an Apricot boy I rescued who we lost a week before Sammie. We thank those of you who adopted her and became part of her family – we miss her lots and keep looking on the boiler where she spent all day and came to life at night
Jean 19/06/08
  RIO-Chocolate Point male and ROSCO-Chocolate Tabby Point male
  It is with much sadness I have to tell all those who adopted these 2 boys that we have lost them both.Rosco we lost in November 2008 – he had been with us for around 4/5 years, and as the years went by he became less interested in humans and was difficult to handle. However, he was not looking himself so was taken to the vet whereupon they found he needed a dental – there would be a risk as his 4 canines would have to be removed which could damage his jaw. I asked for a kidney test prior to the operation, and it was then discovered his kidneys were collapsing, sadly I had him put to sleep.Rio seemed lost without him, and his ongoing bowel problem did not help- however for the most part I was able to keep this under control.  He also had been with us for over 5 years and like Rosco seen many unhomeables come and go.  He was given to me by Wood Green- he was a fantastic sprayer and despite everything we could not cure this, so he stayed with me.  However, in November he had to be admitted to the vets for his bowel and came home and all was well – but once again this became a problem and he was not happy about his treatment to control this.  Yes – we could have had an operation performed (cost around £1000) but no guarantee could be given this would work, and I felt the quality of his life was more important. Sadly he was put to sleep in December 2008.& A lovely boy with super temperament who is still sadly missed.I thank you all for your solid support over the years.
Jean  12/08
  FIFI-Chinchilla female
  Fifi came to stay with her Siamese companion.She had kidney and thyroid problems and having got to 19 years old she started to slow down and eventually stopped eating.She was put to sleep on the 9th March,the day before her 3rd year with us.She was our very glamorous 'odd one out' and will be missed.
Brigid 10/03/09
  BLAIZE-Tortie Point Siamese female
 It is with great sadness I have to tell you Blaize was gently put to sleep on Friday 7th August, 2009 – she was 16 years of age– I was with her until the end and just before she went she more or less said goodbye to me by turning her head and looking me in the eye. Although she had only been with me for just over a year she was much loved and will be sadly missed by myself, my husband, the dogs and our own cats – we shall miss her wowling when she awoke and seemed could not find the other animals or us. Her favourite was to spend her evening either on my lap or my husbands – despite the fact you might have been having dinner on a tray. A very determined and sweet lady.
Jean  10/08/09
  BIGSIE-Tabby Point Siamese male
Sadly we have lost Bigsie – our lovely tabby boy. Time has flown since he arrived and eventually found his way into the house with my other cats. For those who had kindly adopted him under our AAC Scheme you will know he suffered with gum problems due to lack of attention prior to being brought here.Firstly he had injections every 3 months which contained his problem – then later this year went into monthly and finally weekly – to no avail – his mouth became so painful for him he eventually barely ate – hated his mouth being touched – it was felt he was no longer enjoying his life and he was gently put to sleep. It was then my vet was able to check the back of his mouth and apart from his gum problems a mass had grown at the back of his throat. My cats still look for him. He had been with us for about 2 ½ years we guessed he must have been around 15 years of age – and eventually left us at the beginning of November 2010.We never did learn much about him, apart from the lady who brought him into care – he was she said a stray and had been feeding him for around a year and then thought – I have 4 cats (moggies) so another will not matter – however, once indoors he started to spray – so came here. Never once did he spray – always used his tray. Gentle boy who in his final years found t.l.c. and much love.
Jean  12/10
  CASSIE-Seal Point Siamese female
Cassie was put to sleep with kidney failure on 18th December.
She was very frightened of all humans and if I even looked in her direction she would move as far away as possible but she never hid just sat watching all the time.She got on with the other cats and was happy with my old dog Sam but never bonded with the new one after Sam died.I always hoped she would mellow enough to enjoy being stroked or cuddled but it never happened.She was with me for 8 years and would have been 11 in February.
Brigid 01/11
  CHOCOLATE-Chocolate Point Siamese female
Chocolate was put to sleep with renal failure on 26th May.She was a quiet no trouble cat who coped with heart disease for 5 years so it was a shock when it was her kidneys and not her heart that failed.Another empty space in my house
Brigid 09/13

KATIE and GEORGE    Oriental Tortie and Caramel Tabby Point Siamese

Sadly Katie has died but the good news is George has improved so much we have been able to find him a new home of his own.
Katie and George came into care supposedly because Katie would not come into the house and apparently scratched the baby but the owner told Jean they were perfectly normal in their behaviour!!This was not the case and we couldn't home them Over time George improved but Katie never changed,but they were very close so George stayed until Katie died
Jean 2013

Unfortunately Cloe has been put to sleep as her support treatment no longer gave her a good quality of life, she is much missed by the group of cats she lived with and passed quietly. 12/16



Sadly Archie was put to sleep as his kidneys were failing and the support treatment he had been having for the past year no longer gave him a good quality of life.  He was a character up to the end and passed away gently while being cuddled by Niki.  11/16

HANSOME   Seal Point Birman x  Siamese

It's with sadness that we let you know that Handsome has died. He was happy and hunting mice to the end. We estimate he was over 20 years old and had a very good and full life at Old Bell House. He is greatly missed. 11/16